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Still posting a schedule on the wall made in a spreadsheet or word processor?

With you can still print out and post your schedules on the wall, but you also get a host of other features that only a web based scheduler can provide. View and edit schedules any time you are connected to the Internet. With a push of a button, schedules can be broadcast to all employees with an e-mail address on file. Every employee gets their own mobile/iPhone/Android friendly web page so they can keep up with their current schedule wherever they are. Have a web site? By adding a single link to your site, you can easily publish schedules behind a view code limiting who can access schedules. Additional features include coverage graphing, cost calculations, sign-off sheet generation and more.

Take a few minutes to view our getting started screencast and open a free (up to 75 employees/8 schedules) account to see first hand how you can take your employee scheduling to the next level.

Easy to get started scheduling employees - 1Mobile friendly employee schedule viewer - 2Add schedules to your web site - 3Protect schedules with view code - 4Pay period sign off sheets - 5New employee sign off sheet - 6Employee Schedule Coverage Graph - 7Broadcast employee schedules - 8Employee Desired Hours Tracking - 9Employee cost estimation - 10

New to Take a couple of minutes to view the screencast below. It quickly runs through creating an account and creating your first schedule. Feature List
Web BasedNothing to install or configure on your computers, just log in over the web to view and edit your schedules.
Schedule BroadcasterWith a push of a button, you can broadcast a schedule to all the employees that have an e-mail address on file.
Mobile Employee Schedule ViewerEach employee has their own mobile friendly web site showing all the published schedules they have been added to. Mobile Employee Schedule Viewer Example
Web Site IntegrationAdd a simple link on your web site and employees can view schedules over the Internet. Schedules can be protected with a view code to limit viewing to current employees. And if you don't have a web site, is a module of where you can easily build a web site for your small business.
Printer/Spreadsheet FriendlySchedules are available in a printer / spreadsheet friendly format so you easily print them out to post on the wall or save schedules to your computer and open in Excel or another spreadsheet program.
Coverage GraphsCoverage graphs display the number of employees scheduled over the course of the day enabling you to see over and under scheduling, and scheduling mistakes. Example Coverage Graph
Easy ExportUse Easy Export to easily backup or archive schedules to an e-mail account or on-line office suites like Google Docs.
Desired Hours TrackingEach employee can be assigned the number of weekly hours they hope to be scheduled. If the number of hours they are actually scheduled for falls outside of configurable limits, a color coded indicator automatically displays on the schedule.
Cost ReportingSchedules are available in manager format that includes costing information to help you stay within your labor budgets.
Overtime CalculatorMakes it easy to see the cost of those extra hours your employees are working.
Employee Sign-off SheetsEasily create new employee and pay period sign-off sheets to help control exposure to pay, workers' compensation and other claims.

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